Finance Department


Finance BPE department is a key body involved in monitoring of all 55 Public Sector Undertakings [PSUs] grouped into 11 categories viz., agriculture & allied, construction, development (Industries and Finance), development (Others), manufacturing, mining, passenger transport, other transport, trading, miscellaneous and energy and 8 statutory boards, which includes chennai metropolitan water supply and sewerage, chennai metropolitan development, Tamilnadu water supply and drainage, khadi and village industries, slum clearance, housing, pollution control and maritime on their financial performance and statutory compliances.

As it involves a huge volume of data handling and financial based calculation, it is difficult to achieve efficiency and reliability using manual work and hence online monitoring systems must be developed for finance (BPE) department to track all the PSUs/Statutory boards data, information at a single point.


This portal connects the entire Tamilnadu state higher authority logins, from chief secretaries, special secretaries, IAS, joint directors, directors, administrative department, and other higher officials shall view the performance of all the PSUs and statutory boards.

Hence effective streamlined data and decision support system should be provided to each hierarchy based on the individual needs.

Various financial based calculation and formulas such as turn over, operating expenses, gross income, net profit, capital employed, net worth, tallying of total assets to total liabilities, etc to be carried out for each PSUs and STBs.

Overall performance of entire State in terms of physical and financial stabilities needs to be accurately monitored.


Solution Offered to the Department

Gave a report database of about 250 + reports which includes the entire review book generation on a single click to be placed before assembly for annual budget preparation, and exceptional reports & statutory compliances reports for effective monitoring & decision-making purposes.
Generation of dynamic limit rule logic based on financial data and checking the active compliances for the 55 PSU & 8 STBs.
Accuracy in formula calculation and execution.
Multi level hierarchical monitoring system with streamlined flow of data.
Role based dashboards & report.


NSDC- National Skill development Corporation- Govt of India


National skill development corporation of India, the single largest skill initiative in the world, planned to launch a digital portal to skill millions of Indians across multiple sectors by bridging the digital divide across rural and urban India.


Target users : Diverse demography - rural & urban population; education level- from school dropout to graduates and post graduates; digital literacy score of 1- 10.

Cleansing and migration of million plus user data from existing application.

To onboard and integrate knowledge partners platforms and e-learning portals with diverse technology platforms and tools.


Within a span of one year, e-skillIndia portal has become the top notch e-learning aggregation platform in India, catering to over .4 million users across India, with 1000+ courses from 30+ knowledge partners ranging from IBM to unacademy to HLL, and has been bestowed with multiple awards across the country.


Solution approach : Aggregation of catalog, e-learning portal, vendor onboarding platform, admin portal for course approval, coupon generation engine, multi-partner API integration, integration with existing NSDC applications, mobile app for skill platform for users, integration of ebook reader mobile app.

Creation of API library for multi-function callout, creation of shadow DB for candidate portability till data cleansing is done, development of auto-upload function for course catalog to reduce the onboarding time of Knowledge partners, creation of independently inclusive modules for promotions, coupon codes was done. The team planned for a phased rollout of the application, on successful rollout of the application, the team has seamlessly integrated 8 functional modules into the single application and migrated millions of data from existing applications.


Directorate of Employment & Training - Job portal and Virtual learning portal

With rapid changes in industrial skills requisite for jobs and massive migration of people from villages to cities and with Tamilnadu topping the charts with schools and colleges, a huge challenge was faced by the government in providing them meaningful opportunities for learning and job creation.

Beneficiaries across the various socio-economic background, educational backgrounds, and job aspirations to be provided with a platform(s) to fulfill their need with intervention from the government, and also the platforms should act as a bridge for skill gap and employment opportunities, with a shoestring budget and challenging timeline.

In22 labs consulting team undertook the challenge of conceiving and delivering a solution that will impact the youth population of the Tamilnadu government. We analyzed the user group behavior and understood their usage pattern and need analysis. Our team of design experts gave life to the idea of a virtual learning platform for candidates preparing for competitive exams and a portal to connect employers and job seekers in the private arena. The team was also faced with the challenge of creating a low-latency application that needs to cater to low internet bandwidth areas, match the behavior pattern of the rural population. The portal of VLE/ virtual learning environment and a marketplace/ aggregator platform for a job portal ( TN private jobs) was launched successfully and went on to become the #1 portal and mobile app across India, in their respective categories.

With more than 1.5 lac users registered in each portal and 3000+ corporates accessing the portal on daily basis, the job portal by the government of Tamilnadu has become the most successful and scalable initiative across job platforms in India.


AP C & DMA - Municipal Schools


C & DMA- Govt of AP, posed a unique challenge – creating a unique solution that will cater to the needs of the municipal schools across the state of Andhra Pradesh which need to be accessed by students, teachers, administration all in integrated, seamless application.

Currently, the municipal schools do not have a reliable data source, adding to which the data is distributed across multiple systems with different departments.

Midway during the execution of the project, came the Covid-19 virus, which re-defined the learning landscape and we are posed with the challenge of re-designing the entire framework to include the options of remote learning and assessments.


The applications are launched within a short span of 5 months and are currently used by more than 12000+ faculties, 2100 schools, and .3 million students across municipal schools of AP.



The technology experts from In22 labs arrived at a robust architecture, which is scalable and at the same time expansive horizontally to accommodate the multiple aspects of the requirements. The team quickly assembled the domain experts with experience in handling massive learning portals within the organization and enabled multiple portals with seamless interfaces across platforms.

Asset management system - to integrate, monitor, and manage the infrastructure assets of the 2100 schools across 110 ULBs, with a unique school ID. The data is made robust, which was also transposed to other departments.

LMS -a robust LMS system with LRS integration was implemented with access for multiple stakeholders - LMS for students, LMS for classrooms, teacher modules, content partner modules, student modules, test modules, and virtual classrooms.

Career Guidance portal – career guidance portal to provide the students and parents with career options, exams, schedules, and colleges across the country.

Language Lab - a mobile app was developed for the language development of teachers and students in a gamified model and was launched in the google play store.


A New Analytics Approach For AP Social Welfare Department


Digital governance is changing the way welfare departments work, APSC finance corporation, an independent body of the social welfare department, govt. of AP has set a massive target of skilling 1 lac youth population from the SC community. It sought to develop an application to execute and monitor the massive program effectively. In22 labs were invited to be part of the strategic initiative platform to address challenges. Our strategic consulting team engaged various stakeholders in a series of sessions and workshops across all SEC levels and structures. These workshops helped us to offer a three tier solution for the proposed case, to effectively address the challenges and help the pivot to the new era of E-governance.

SC finance corporation sought to develop a robust, customized methodology to gain insights on the skill development program, with micro and macro level data views. A decision support system that will help the department to visualize the activities of all the participants of the ecosystem and the administration from HQ - State-District-Mandal-Village level detailing.

Beneficiaries should be able to capture their interests training partners to be inducted on to the fold - region-wise, skill-wise based on interests employers should be made part of the ecosystem to offer the agile, demand based candidates Track the department assets, usage, monitor the beneficiaries, get data and information from districts and manuals seamlessly.

Our Strategic team has created the following and implemented them effectively;

1. Create an effective platform for the candidates to express their likes and interests, rather than just registering their data.

2. Bring the Training vendor onto the fold and creating a platform to enable the vendors to customize the solutions based on demand mapping.

3. Integrate the employer to view, screen and post requirements to the specific target markets and also enable them to communicate with other stake holders, without the interference of the departments- An autonomous status to help them decide and implement their strategies quickly.

Upon delivering the technology solutions, we have integrated our analytics suite In22 with the portal and the department in offering them a 360-degree analytics view on all the stakeholders of the portal and system. A customized dashboard is offered for the management team and district teams to monitor the progress across all levels at a fraction of a second. This holistic solutions approach helped the client- APSC finance corporation to improve their response time by 90%, reach out to more than 1 .8 lakh beneficiaries- a 2000% increase in beneficiaries from their existing system. Also, it helped them to completely automate the process of vendor empanelment till payments and placement.


Sports Development Authority Excellence In Sports Through Technology

The sports development authority is the apex body for the promotion of sports and sportsperson in the state. They offer various schemes to identify and develop talent, sports and also maintain a huge infrastructure in terms of stadiums, courts, and various other sports complexes across the state. Sports Development authority sought to manage the department using a robust tech-enabled system, where they wanted to integrate the infrastructure, coaches, facilities, and sports beneficiaries in a common platform.



By collaborating with In22 strategic suite, the sports development authority has created a system to achieve its vision. Also, its new technology fronted strategy has started paying rich dividends in terms of fixing the pilferages in benefits to the sportspersons and also effective in monitoring the performance of each player and coach, precisely.

Solution Approach

In22 strategic suite helped them create; A Strong dynamic web portal to serve as information repository with minimalistic design and high UX.

An intuitive design approach to minimize the time spent in searching for right information robust analytics suite IN22, integrated to the portal to monitor information and analyze performances real time across 34 parameters.

Created a strategic dashboard for all stake holders. Integrated aadhar validation to prevent misuse and effectively fixing the pilferages.


Integrated Solutions Approach For School Education Department

The state school education department is the apex body which guides and controls various formats of education - elementary schools, primary schools, secondary, higher secondary, textbook corporation, curriculum revision, coaching centers, SSA, RMSA, exam boards, and various other activities. Our client, a front runner in education, manages about 60,000 schools with 15 million students across the state. The department wanted to move from legacy system architecture to more robust solution, which can offer precise insights on various parameters effectively, since it concerns the future of 15 million children and in turn the future of the nation.


The challenges in the existing system provided the department with a wonderful opportunity of integrating all the applications in a linear, flexible architecture which will interconnect all the departments and effectively handle data for decision-making.



The existing system architecture was designed differently for various departments and has more than 12 different architectures.

Multiple user level interactions across various departments warranting horizontal and vertically compatible architecture.

Scalability was a challenge with the existing architecture and integrating any new components was a challenge, forcing the department to launch independent applications for all their works and monitoring activities.

Feeds from one department acts as primary information source for the function of other department

Solution Framework

In22 labs created a robust architecture and migrated the existing solutions to a single framework. We also made use of the mobile solutions for last-mile connectivity given the penetration of mobile data usage across the country. Analytics dashboard was created for individual units across various levels and predictive algorithms were put in place for effective decision making. Multiple dependent API's were generated and fed to various other departments for interlinked services.

On going live, the department witnessed a streamlined communication flow across various departments and units and have seen a surge of 89% improved usage of the application and 73% reduced TAT for various functions, a fete achieved by no other department in the state.



MIS is a crucial link that connects ground-level information with decision making. This system helps them evaluate their activities daily, problem-solving, decision-making, and track progress. MIS reporting is used by businesses of all sizes and in every industry, more so in government departments which has a direct impact on citizen-centric measures. In22 Labs was invited to join hands with the fisheries department to design and implement an MIS system, to provide them with a solution that caters to their daily functionality.

The initial study revealed a two-pronged challenge-internal data collection and public data sharing. Tamilnadu Fisheries Department had an old-fashioned website that had to be worked and improvised upon, to provide the citizens with all information about the department and few data points, which can be shared in the public domain. This would reduce the dependency or physical validation with department officials, by citizens. The department also faced blockers in consolidating the data received from their ADOs (Assistant Director Office) and carry out comparative data analysis.

A strategic long-term self-reliant model for external data flow - CMS portal was provided. This enabled them to upgrade their statistical data, annual reports, forms, tenders, news feeds, director's notes, etc. frequently, which can be handled by the department staff with basic level knowledge. Modern features of web-flow, UI, UX were done with target group analysis. Weather forecasts, alerts for fishing, geotagged maps that display the location of the various dams, reservoirs, harbors, fuel bunks, etc. throughout Tamilnadu were showcased on the website.

The Department of Fisheries was able to achieve de-centralisation of data access across all.

zones and huge savings were made in terms of time and manpower deployed for analysis and MIS reporting. CMS portal also helped the department in easily connecting with the target citizens and helped them to update the website on their own, with zero reliance on the vendor.

Tamilnadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau



Tamilnadu Industrial Guidance & Export Promotion Bureau is a government body that identifies and promotes the establishment of large and medium scale industries within the State of Tamilnadu in association with the private sector. It is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a non-banking financial company. They're core objective is to provide close assistance and guidance for active investors.

Existing Challenges

Tamilnadu, being the second-largest economy of India, has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the rate of investment. The officials found it challenging to coordinate the procedures and formalities with various government departments, to keep in line with this growth. The follow-up and consolidation of data from the various department were quite challenging. The investors also found it very difficult to gain information about the status of the entire process. Previously the entire process was time-consuming and was ambiguous.

Individual dashboards provided metrics per user needs on key areas/KPIs, thereby eliminating the need for redundant interlocks with officials. A comprehensive issue management system was designed to capture complaints/feedback from users, with a specific resolution turnaround time.


In22, after a detailed requirements gathering phase, which empathized with user pain points, focused on simplifying TN Industrial Dev Corp's process with an end-to-end digitalization of their entire operations. A techno-functional consulting strategy was framed accordingly to solve the client issues. The application was designed to provide TN Industrial Dev Corp with a clear picture of all the statuses of documentation procedures, as a ready reckoner for all the key stakeholders. The portal was designed to be intuitive, user friendly and offered various user-centric features - for the Investors, Relationship Managers, PoCs, and Nodal officers through individual login/portal access. The portal made it simple and easy for investors as well as officials to keep track of progress and cut down on coordination time/offline interactions. The portal paved the way for TN Industrial Dev Corp officials to focus on multiple projects concurrently and optimize their workload and increase productivity. Moreover, the ambiguity around the timelines and processes in the workflow was eradicated by providing real-time status to all stakeholders concerned.

Portal for Andhra Pradesh fire department


The Andhra Pradesh Fire service is one of the largest fire brigade networks in India with 175 fire stations. The activities of the department are mainly connected with fire prevention, fire fighting, rescue activities, disaster response, and issuing documents such as No Objection Certificate (NOC), etc.


Existing Challenges

Apart from their core activity of dousing fires, the fire department has to maintain routine paperwork to record the details of fire accidents in their jurisdiction. A form comprising of 30 pages captures every minute detail like - the level of fuel in the vehicle, the level of water, the shortest route was taken to reach the destination, and so on. This is followed by a second set of documentation processes to issue a NOC, which needs a sign-off from three levels of authorization - starting from the Urban Local Bodies (ULB), district as well as state level officers, which is very tedious and manual. It is a process that is neither reliable nor sustainable. It leaves much to chance concerning data accuracy and maintenance of a single source of truth. Moreover, as a time-consuming process, it takes an average of five days, since it involves countless paperwork and coordination with several external bodies. The fire department could only generate 192 NOCs as a yearly average, consuming almost 8,000 man-hours.


In22 labs were roped in by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide them with a solution to address this challenge. Post a detailed client analysis, we were able to come up with a solution, which enhanced the reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of the process, holistically. After scrutinizing the user needs and completing a target group analysis, we provided them with a solution framework and made it accessible only to the members of the fire department to prepare/approve the second set of documentation for issuance of NOC, thereby shrinking the overall duration from five days to just about 4-6 hours. The approval process was made linear and happened in real-time, in a more simplified and faster manner. This improved employee experience by reducing unwanted errors during a fire accident handling situation, and focus on their core competence. This project transformed the existing process into an integrated and paperless one, leading to less work burden, enhanced productivity, and data accuracy.



YOUTHWAY is an innovative concept, created and backed by the government of Andhra Pradesh. This application integrates all the stakeholders of the ecosystem for skill development - students, training partners, department officials, and employers. This entire concept was to benefit students and enable them to access courses, training programs from different training institutions. Students (candidates) gain access to an enormous range of courses effortlessly. YOUTHWAY approves and allows the candidate to access, register, get trained, certified, and secure a job through a single platform. This helps improve the overall skill rate of the candidates.


Existing Challenges

Stakeholder applications in silos

Training centre selection not available

No automated invoice tracking

Physical verification of centres

Application to start training – 25 days TAT

Training completion to payment – 33 days TAT


In22labs digitalized the end-to-end workflow, by providing YOUTHWAY with a centralized data governance feature that integrated student candidates, training centers, and corporates in a holistic and unified manner. This portal acts as a bridge to connect them all and provides profile-based logins to enable them to access their respective information. Unlike previously, the fund's allocation process was made through online transactions and directly transferred via Central Fund Management System (CFMS). The funds were directly transferred from the total fund allocated to the Government of Andhra Pradesh by the Central Government. The portal enabled them with an easy and quick data management process. Moreover, the verification process of the training centers was completely digitalized and formalized.

The overall objective was to help YOUTHWAY to trace and map the lineage of all available data and metrics to facilitate coordination and sharing of information with the corporates. In22Labs gathered all relevant details and laid out a seamless and comprehensive process for YOUTHWAY, by providing three distinct mobile applications. The first mobile application enabled the admin in centralized data management and governance. The second application was leveraged for the digitalized verification process of all the training centers. All the necessary approvals and validation were handled completely through this platform. The third mobile application was created for the students and the training partners. The students searched for relevant and approved training centers that suit their learning, skill, and career aspirational requirements via the mobile platform. The application also provided students with a real-time attendance tracking feature.

Amaravathi Development Corporation Ltd - Govt of AP


In22 labs took on the Amaravathi billing software project to develop customized software to facilitate the time and billing, tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products, of the Amaravathi Development Corporation Ltd (ADCA). The software can track the hours worked by employees as well as expenses associated with projects or clients. In22 collaborated with ADCA to move away from the traditional billing system, which was done on paper/traditional billing applications, to a more secure, transparent, and paperless process. Billing software was successfully delivered to the ADCA in a record time of 2 months.


Existing Challenges

Earlier, ADCA had a traditional model of billing and enrolling employee's salary, deductions, and earnings which took a longer processing time. It was also a very tedious and complex process to acknowledge and reconcile the details with the employees. The overall credibility of the 'as-is' process was repeatedly under constant scrutiny. The transparency was also very less and the reconciliation process that happened within departments and other intermediaries was very high. They maintained huge ledgers and also had to enter every salary and attendance detail manually with zero error, which had to be subjected to audits etc. that consumed more man-hours.


In22 presented with a TQM approach to work on seamlessly digitalizing their billing system to deliver overall efficiency and productivity, with a focus on providing a great user experience. It helped in monitoring the attendance and the salary system; deductions; and other benefit inclusions. It also enabled communicating the processed salary slip to the employees through email. The digital process drastically reduced the complexity and enhanced the transparency and provided a great user experience for all user segments - admin, attendance officer, and the account officer.

National Biodiversity Authority of India


The National Biodiversity Authority of India (NBA), a unit of Govt of India, is a statutory body and it performs conductive, regulatory, and advisory functions for the Government of India on issues of conservation; sustainable use of biological resources; and fair and candid sharing of benefits arising out of the use of biological resources. In22 labs helped the National Biodiversity Authority of India by helping them improve the user experience and user interfacing with the department through an online portal.


Existing Challenges

Earlier, NBA was using an outdated version of the Content Management System (CMS), which posed a lot of challenges in the maintenance and updating of content for all stakeholders. They were unable to update their menu options and also faced difficulty in replacing the content within the website, which is a bottleneck for an agile department, which needs to update their users in real time.


In22 labs conducted a detailed UX analysis and designed, developed, implemented, and provided training on maintenance of customized website-based application and portal solution for the department. The website was redesigned as per the standards of GIGW. The redesigned website used updated CMS technology, which reduced the reliance on technical people to handle, maintain and update website content. Moreover, the department's website was designed to be bilingual- English and Hindi. Additionally, screen reader access was given to the website, providing greater accessibility for visually impaired users. a multitude of user preference / UX-based customization was also built-in. A comprehensive search option was included on the home page along with geotagging facility.


Culture department, AP Government


Andhra Pradesh has its own unique culture and heritage, which is cherished by the people. To protect and safeguard the heritage, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken steps to build an exclusive AP language and culture department. This department takes care of artists of every art form intending to create awareness on services offered and introduction of special schemes, as a token of encouragement. They provide them with welfare services, such as pensions for artists and other welfare schemes. This department covers and extends support to more than 1.5 lakh artists all over Andhra Pradesh.

Existing Challenges

The department, to authenticate genuine recipients of its welfare schemes and pension, provides a special ID card for each artist. This ID card is mandated for all artists while securing their pensions and when availing benefits under any other welfare schemes provided by AP language and culture department. Initially, these ID cards were issued in a temporary paper format. Hence, they had to be re-issued quite a few times. This re-issuing of ID cards was extremely difficult and painstaking to validate frequently by the Department officials who dole out the benefits. The delay in validating paper ID cards not only impacted timely disbursement of pension and benefits to the needy artists but also caused a drain on the resources of the department, as officials had to spend long hours in confirming the genuineness of the beneficiary (artist).


In22 Labs completely digitized the entire process of issuing and validating the ID cards.

The portal provided an interface for the public artist to feed his basic information and details. This information/detail gets checked and approved by two-level of authorization- district and state-level officer - as part of the workflow. After the successful completion of authorization of details submitted by the artist, the digital ID card is generated for the artist, with a unique number. This entire submission and authorization workflow is so seamless that it reduced the man-hours spent drastically, as compared to the earlier process. Above all, due to digitization, the entire process is transformed into a paperless one.

Tamilnadu Tourism Department


Tamilnadu tourism's main objective is to promote tourism in Tamilnadu and Tamilnadu was the most visited tourist destination by both Indian and International tourists from 2016 onwards with over 344 million domestic and 4.6 million foreign visits.

This South Indian state is renowned for its temple towns, heritage sites, and hill stations so TTDC planned to create a platform and infrastructure to have a steady continuance of the travelers to Tamilnadu.



The TTD was faced with challenges of handling the surge in hotel bookings for properties run by the department across the districts and inconsistency in billing processes related to hotels. To resolve the issue, TTD came with a solution of revamping the existing portal and introducing a smart card for bookings by tourists.


After understanding the complexity involved in booking and thorough accretion we came up with a solution wherein we built an intuitive and user-friendly website for the public and launched a web-based solution to buy virtual smart cards.

Admin was given a separate dashboard to monitor and the ability to track all the cards and a separate individual dashboard for all individuals to monitor and reconcile all the traveler spending.


The results were exponential as they increased the transparency among the billing process and upheaved the vital data handling for the various smart card buyers.

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